Rock'n dolce vita

They are all fine triggers and they will hook you by the neck from the first note with the best arguments: charm, punch and an unbridled imagination that takes you from the plains of the new world to the terraces of Italian beach cafes from the "dolce vita" period. ".
Everything makes sense in the Spaghetti Rodeo saloon, as chairs fly, glasses smash and lovers crash through the back door. Acoustic instruments quickly went electric with their effects pedals to ruffle the front rows. A Spaghetti Rodeo concert is a supercharged carnival, the drift of the continents, an orchestra of weddings and funerals reduced to four but which turns the audience upside down!
Formed a few years ago, the group has honed its skills on a number of covers and is now taking a new step by developing its own compositions, still firmly rooted in these jubilant registers that look like fantasy road movies.
Phonographic production Ze BourgeoiZ
4 musicians
Autonomous in sound


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