Folk duo

Rain Check is the meeting of two songwriters from Finistère and their respective inspirations: Brendan De Roeck and Raphaël Gouvy. One is a talented blues-jazz-rock guitarist whose riffs have accompanied many vocalists; the second an indie-folk singer with a voice sometimes suave, sometimes crystalline, charged with emotion.
Since the very first meeting, guitars, keyboards and vocals have not stopped responding to each other in a dance that is alternately poetic and catchy, where their two worlds intertwine.
If the dominant color of Rain Check's songs is related to American Folk Music, with acoustic guitar and voice, the addition of electric guitars, keyboards and percussion opens up a wide universe to them where the two musicians allow themselves no digression towards the rock or pop. The manifest sweetness of the singing and the instruments suddenly changing, in progressive rhythms and harmonies, to moving and enjoyable sound and electric rises.
A duo that goes to the essentials, without artifice.


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