More than a concert... a performance!

GAEL appears in many formations as a singer, guitarist, arranger and "stage beast". His incredible journey is punctuated with musical experiences as varied as they are enriching: rock, blues, soul, electro...
Today, he is releasing his SOLO project enriched with all his artistic influences and offers an immense pop-folk-rock-...
If he is recognized as an excellent singer and a visceral guitarist, who today serves as a reference in the industry, GAEL masters to perfection the Samplers and other Loops that he uses live with disconcerting ease.
He is the creator of all his orchestrations, which he records in his home studio, for an incredibly effective rendering.
His performances are transformed into real performances... in all humility
Singer, guitarist, sampler
Autonomous in sound and lights
Up to 3 hours of repertoire
Possibility of expanding the formation: duo, trio, quartet...