Top of the Pop

After several years on the road, he released his first album in the summer of 2010 "Turn On The Lights". This first opus testifies to his generosity and allows him to come out of the shadows. 
He tours in Europe, from "small clubs in Festivalst to the opening of concerts by Michael Jones, Johnny Clegg, Luka Bloom, Madness.
In 2010 he is the first part of Charlie Winston's Swiss tour.
In 2013 it was revealed by TF1's show, The Voice 2, with a highly acclaimed cover of Murray Head's title "Say It Ain't So, Joe". This will be followed by a "battle" with Emmanuel Djob (on Procol Harum's title "A Whiter Shade of Pale") considered one of the highlights of the show.
On his album "Just One Step Away" in November 2015 there is a duet with Louis 
Bertignac: La vie tranquille and a track with Luc Arbogast: Just One Step Away
2017 marks Ralf's return with a brand new team dedicated to his new musical and artistic direction. 
The new songs benefit from a more Electro Pop treatment mixed by Mowlo. This turning point in the artist's career, while respecting his writing, gives him a new lease of life.
The first single "Your Secret World" is the most perfect illustration of this
Apart from his composing projects, Ralf regularly performs solo, duo or trio and offers an immense Pop repertoire, from the 60's to the present day. 
An undeniable talent and above all a singer-guitarist capable of thrilling any audience. 


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