Able to dance your most explosive evenings or to muffle your most intimate moments, in the corner of a candle or in the middle of a raging crowd, the duo adapts to everything, everywhere, and for everyone... From the most prestigious palaces, to the most rock n' roll piano bars, they adapt to all your atmospheres....
It's Laura, a voice as soft and sensual as it is powerful and explosive... Capable of rocking you on jazzy tracks, moving you on great standards or surprising you on rock tracks, she is a unique artist, strong and fragile, sweet and bitter, funny and touching... What qualifies her best is the overflowing energy she puts at the service of her art, and her audience in all circumstances.
And it is Ben, this guitarist and singer as discreet in life as he is transcended on stage, who regales us with his mastery of the instrument and his rocky and powerful voice, especially when he sings and enchants us with his rock and roll soaring! His sensitivity and strength make him a magical artist, whom we love to watch and hear....
In short, for all your evenings, your moments, a day, a night or a second, this duo is LO&BEN!
Formation: singer, guitarist singer and singer
(the training can be expanded with bass and drums)
Events, regular programming, concerts...
Autonomous in sound + Lighting stage kit + white lycra
Huge repertoire from the 60's to the most current artists. Pop Rock, French and International Varieties


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