English-style Pop music with an uncommon energy

The story begins in 2005 when Lionel, Fabrice and Nicolas meet around their passion for British Pop-Rock and lay the foundations of this peculiar musical structure. 

They introduce themselves to the public with a series of concerts celebrating three decades of British Pop-Rock, reorchestrated with talent and energy. In five years' time, they make around 500 appearances on stage and shape their own musical identity.

In 2010 Laurent and Martin join the Trio and bring the final touch to the group that becomes Monkypolis. The energy and alchemy of the 5 musicians offer compositions that appeal to a large public. Just a few months after, they record their first album "Stuck in a great escape".

In 2012 they release the EP "Rasputin", an electro pop rock version of the famous Boney M tube.

Result : a lot of gigs, which ends up by a new album in 2015 "See me in color".

Today the Monkypolis returning for a tour, with a formation : bass, guitar, drum and pioano (and 4 voices, please!).

Their last EP is planned for april 2016.


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