POP and... ROCK !!!

No more poor covers of Pop music hits, bad imitations of period guitar sound or hairstyles...

These 3 phenomenons rejuvenate PopMusic : they distort, denature and make it their own with unbounded creativity.

Always looking for new arrangements, they change the voices and mix the instruments with energy and a firm rock influence.

A perfect alchemy between the four last decades' Anglo-Saxon musical universe and today's or even tomorrow's sounds !

On stage, they enjoy, jump, share and captivate their audience.

Formation : guitar, bass, drums, voices

Equipment : can be autonomous for sound

Repertory : Poprock, New wave : Joan Jett, The Cure, Skip The Use, Black Eyed Peas, Buggles, Bowie, Radiohead, Phoenix, Muse from the 80's to today


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com