The iconic duo!

June&Cash is the brand new project that the rockers of Talysker have just set up, with the delicious Pauline. These are all the duets of the iconic Country Music couple formed by June Carter and Johny Cash.
Two voices: one soft and luminous with irresistible charm, and the other serious, both virile and soft.
June&Cash is a project designed for itinerant events in markets and village centers, cocktails at weddings, as well as confidential concerts in restaurants where you dine alone.
But not only ! It also works great on stage with its light drums, clean sounding electric guitar and acoustic guitar.
Regular as a train, sharp as a razor, June&Cash is Country sound for love songs that are sometimes tender, and sometimes spiced with Rock'n'Roll notes... which goes through the essential titles like Time's Wastin, Fast boat to Sydney or even No need to worry.
Autonomous in sound
Duration: 1h30 fragmentable


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com