Blues into a tizzy !

Little-known in France, this artist proved himself in the United States. "The French Connection" (2010), his duo album with black american singer Zora Young, was ranked 1st  on the Blues Top 25 US charts and became the most-listened to album on the 150 American, Australian, Canadian and English main radio stations in December 2010 and January 2011.

Often performing solo, with his guitar or piano, he also devises the show “ La Route du Blues”, a show for youngsters, which tells the story of the Blues to children (400 performances for more than 100 000 children).

Today, Bobby Dirninger offers us "The Book", a new and more personal album, winking at Blues of course, but also with glimpses of rock, ska, folk and jazz.


Bobby Dirninger learns the guitar at the age of 16. He rapidly begins his musical apprenticeship, performing a mainly folk repertoire on the streets and in small cabarets.

In 1991, he meets Chicago blues singer Zora Young and from then on becomes one of her regular live and studio musicians. Back to France, he records his first self-produced album in 1998 (“Bringin’ it all back chez Laurent”).

In 2006 he brings out "In The End", entirely made of own compositions. The atmosphere of each piece reminds Bobby's various musical influences and wink uncommonly at the music of the Beatles, Dylan, JJ Cale, Neil Young and Paul Simon.



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