All from different musical backgrounds, the members of Canyon Band share the same passion for American music : Country, Country Rock, Bluegrass, Folk, Swing.

Canyon Band has already released two albums, but the group takes its full dimension on stage. The perfect complicity between the 4 seasoned artists raises the temperature and take the public to a surprising Road Movie. An American journey, illustrated by sounds close to JJ Cale's, ballads in Bob Dylan's style or lively Bluegrass swings of New-Orleans.

This proven recipe combines Nordine's dynamism (acoustic guitar, mandolin, lead voice) Samir's swing (bass, vocals), the rock'n'roll spirit of Jean-Marie (guitar, banjo, vocals) and Patrick's groove (drums, vocals)


Canyon Band perform in many Country Folk festivals or at any occasion, indoor and outdoor. They also offer technical solutions (Sounds and lights) adapted to the different configurations.

Quartet : guitars (acoustic and electric), mandolin, banjo, bass, harmonica, drums, vocals, lead. The group can also play along a violinist and regularly perform with liner dancers.


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