MrDay define themselves as a more of a soulfull pop band in a way they're never really stuck into copying 
and firmly rooted in music genre. Not willing to be a revival thing, their music is built primarily on a song format and comes from a band continuously looking for a sound that uses and mixes their many and growing influences, from Soul music to Psychedelic Rock, including some Jazz, Northern Soul, freakbeat, Rocksteady, and italian movie soundtracks, 
from 6ts vintages and rootsy and fuzzy sounds to now, into something unique and original. 
Dense, without any frills and contagiously smart, Dry Up In The Sun, the lastest album, alternates without any misstep between a magnetic soul ballad like “Follow You,” an exhilarating pop anthem like Forgotten Realms or an excursion on the rocksteady dub territories with a bright cover of “Queen of the Minstrels” by Cornell Campbell, for which the group recorded in a chapel in order to find some natural reverb and singular energy. In the end, it’s all the fun and excitement the band felt while recording that we can feel and taste in return by listening to this album, both on record or on stage.


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