Artistic concept

YACK Stories is a creative and offbeat Concept Art.
A group of artists and performers, Yack Stories offers unique and original services adapted to each request.
The company was born from a crazy desire to satisfy its artistic desires by being free but also to let the artists speak and give them the opportunity to shine on stage in a perpetual challenge and a desire to constantly renew themselves.
Rich in a mix of dance styles, YACK Stories combines both urban and contemporary dances with couple dances and revisited musicals.
YACK Stories is sensitive to fashion and design, which allows it to flourish in the creation and design of all of these costumes and sets.
Each new show is synonymous with creations in all its facets.
The company also takes a strong interest in accessories and decorations which are real playmates.
Through original stagings and elaborate choreographies, YACK Stories likes to make its audience travel and dream during a show, an event or a fashion show.
Their goal: for the public to leave happier than they were when they arrived.
"Time stops where the dream begins, so let's dream together."​​​

YACK Stories is accompanied by a corpus of technicians, allowing them to be autonomous in sound, light, video projections but also for the setting up of a scene in its entirety.


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com