Multi Performances

New Crew is a collective of artists from hip hop, gymnastics, dance and street performance. Their services are based on short and rapid interventions. Athletic and acrobatic, New Crew invade the space in a deluge of figures and it is not uncommon for the audience to be taken to task. Breathtaking!

New Crew is the "next generation of street theatre". Not only are these 3 phenomena dancers, acrobats, hip-hoppers and actors, but they also offer performances full of humour and self-derision.
Accustomed to international sports competitions, stadium activities.... They deploy an unbridled energy and generosity to "impress" us in all simplicity.
Undoubtedly among the first dance and street companies that use the "Hoverboard" in their acrobatic performances.
A show perfectly adapted to private events, major sporting events (ref: World Hockey Championships, Rugby, Marathon...), in the street but also indoors, for all audiences.
Children's show: 30mn on stage + initiation of the children to dance, acrobatics and Hoverboard.
 From 2 to 8 dancer performers
Autonomous in sound


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