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The Selenites

Giant and luminous puppets

The Selenites are a creation of the company INKO'NITO and ACDesignConcept
The silent Selenites travel from the Moon to the Earth.
So different and yet so close… THE SELENITES are touching human-sized puppets.
But a somewhat special human size: 2.72m. This is the measure that was chosen in honor of Robert Waldlow, the greatest human known to date; quite a symbol.
The Selenites, silent, come to meet us, invite us to welcome them.
They mirror themselves to the harmony of the moment. Time stands still ...
Hands outstretched, exchanges of glances ...
The Selenites, discover with jubilation the light in our eyes and tenderly interfere in our daily life.
Let's join in the dance and follow them!
Night or daytime stroll, Dreamlike and interactive stroll.
1, 3 or 5 light puppets accompanied by a stage manager with a mobile sound system.
The staging of the performances, their form and their duration adapt to the needs and possibilities offered by each event.
Outdoors or indoors, from very close up or from further afield, on a boat or on the ski slopes ...

Auteur, Metteur en scène : Nikola Martin

Conception, Design des marionnettes : Alexis Coudurier

Réalisation : AC DesignConcept et Nikola Martin



To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com