The new Hip Hop

It was after a 5-year international tour in the excellent show "PIXEL" with the Cie Kafig, that Ludovic Lacroix created As2Danse, a collective of break dancers and Hip Hop dancers.

With 8 creations on the counter since 2015, including the Santa Claus Gang, Zapping, R 2 games, Zombie show, Halloween dance show and Shadow and lights his latest creation, Ludovic Lacroix through As2Danse is positioned as a key player in a Street current dance, more interactive and above all accessible to all.
Punchy choreography, sophisticated staging, perfectly adapted costumes and stunning technical figures...the As2Danse show their cards and pull out all the stops!
From 4 to 12 dancers
Show 40min
Happening 3 X 30min
Introduction to Hip Hop and Breakdance
On the street or on stage


To access the downloads, please send us an email :