Hi-Tech Neon and Led Show

Who's never seen their incredible show in American's Got Talent? They've also kicked it in the English, German and Ukrenian TV Show version.

Despite TV show, Light Balance has also performed in Broadway and in most the best world capitals' city.

A "breath taking", "amazing" show of danse, hip-hop, acrobatics with hi-tech costums with neon and led lights. Magic, and unreal, it gives you the famous Waouh effect searched by every organisers. 

You might think that such a performance would need tremendous technical needs...not at all!


For Christmas : Right after the show, when when greetings, a 30 scds christamas show can be done followed by Santa's magical appearance when the lights come back on stage.




Shows :

- Frankeinstein 12min 

- Zombies 12 min

- Christmas wink 40 sc, find it in the video 1

CAUTION : the show suggested does not include the screens. all choreographie has been readapted without the screens

Technical needs : 8x6m stage, if possible, hiding (side, and back of the stage, highly recommanded), sound equipment with monitors on stage.

Team : can be flexible depening on show suggested. 9 artists, 6  male dansers, 1 female danser, 1 technician, and 1 stage manager.

Tour manager : France, Suisse , Belgium, Luxembourg :





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