Christmas Batook

These are Santa's five hidden sons! At least that's what they say....
It is true that they do have some similarities with the famous man in red.
They wear about the same costume, but rapper style is "more swag". They also make Christmas carols but in hip-hop mode, it's "totally cooler". And then they left the soft sound of bells for the power of the drums, it's "much more fun".
Like their illustrious sire, they are very generous and love to distribute to passers-byhomemade gifts filled with good sounds and a good laugh.
The 25D is all about the Christmas spirit, with a good dose of laughing and rhythmic madness!
For relaxed and really more stylish parties!
Created 2016
Form: music-clown stroll
Duration: 1h30, split into several sets
All audiences


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com