Urban parade on the theme of the 4 elements

4 universes, 4 elements, 4 parades that wander around the city.
Actors, musicians, acrobats, jugglers, waders, dancers and illusionists are at the service of whimsical characters, the kings and queens of the 4 elements.
From the encounter of its elements, a fabulous eruption emerges. Here we celebrate difference and diversity in the form of an extravagant show.
The show consists of the Tornado (air), Bubble (water), Organika (earth) and Volcano (fire) parades.
Each parry can be played separately. A specific issue can also be defined according to the current events in the city. 
Special effects: snow, bubble burst, appearance, pyrotechnics...


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com