Creative magic and poetry

Follower of the mixed kind (magician, juggler, diabolo, actor... ) Jérôme Helfeinstein is part of this new generation of magicians who disrupts the traditional framework of the discipline.

It's over the magician in "rhinestone dress" with his partner in "light boddy". Let's move to a Creative Magic mixed mystery, poetry, originality... nonsense !

In close-up (close intimate magic), Jérôme offers "stunning" tours, most incredible as each other, varied, made with style and always with a touch of poetry.

Jérôme H in a few dates :

1997  Gold Star - Internat Magic Festival (Vallée de L'eau d'Olle)

1998  Winner Stage Magic Competition - Grand Prix Diavol

1999  2nd prize Championship of France Magic ( Perpignan)

2000  1st prize Championship of France Magic (Paris)

2006  Golden Mandrakes in Paris


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