Surprising magician "multi - faceted"

Be amazed and fascinated by Chris' talent and agility.

An artist recently installed in Rhones Alpes region and who is already known and recognized (see press releases) for his talent and generosity.

From Circus and Street Theatre, Chris Torrente offers various packages suitable to any kind of event :

- Close-up : private or public event.

- Show directed approximately 1 hour : adults, all age children.

- Cabaret

Magic Cabaret : autonomous with its Cabaret Tent, Chris shows many Tours to groups from 5 to 8 people. Ideal option to integrate festival, event, fair, market...

Children's shows / general :

- "Totof Crapouchiboups' Wonderful Fate"

- "Totof Crapouchiboups, The Return"

2 shows directed (approximately 50 minutes), laughing, unusual, interactive and "magiestraux" around Totof, wacky and endearing character who is faced with the most unlikely situations.

Autonomous show in sound : in room or street.

Desired Stage : 6m x 4m.


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