In Funny Business

"Ladies and gentlemen, take your seats! Today in your city and for the first time in the history of combat sports, come and see the fiercest, meanest boxer, I name....FRASER HOOPER!!! " 
After the worldwide success of Funny Business and Insideout, Fraser Hooper, embarks on his brand new show: BOXING, burlesque carnage in 3 rounds.
Award-winning clown and festival favourite Fraser Hooper invites you to a hilarious mime show with all the ingredients of family comedy, hilarious audience participation, a few pinches of the ridiculous and a lot of disregard for the safety of the artist.
So who will dare to challenge Fraser Hooper? 
In the purest tradition of Anglo-Saxon Knockout Comedy, THE show for all sports and comedy fans around the world...IRRESISTIBLE FUNNY!


Duration: 50 minutes
Set-up time: 1 hour
Stage space: minimum 7m open x 6m deep x 4m high
Sound : Provide a light sound system (2 speakers on stand)


August 2 to 3, LA CHAUX DE FOND (Switzerland)

August 4  - Ce soir On ferme la rue, SALLANCHES (74)

August 5 to 6 - Les fondus du Macadam, THONON (74)

August 7, CHAMROUSSE (38)

August 15  - Alpi Hour's, SAINT GERVAIS LES BAINS (74)

August 16, L'ALPES D'HUEZ (38)

August 17, VAL D'ISERE (73)

August 19 to 20, CARPENTRAS (84)