Songs for Laugh 100% ORGANIC

"When 4 young, unspoilt mountain virgins decide to give up Vacher's life to go down to the city to play Rock'n' Musette, they remain faithful to themselves: "abominable"!
Between Waltz and Rock in Billy, they impose songs sometimes improvised and in odorama as we like them, without any headache"
The Alpine Christians take you into a crazy, crazy world.... Irresistibly funny.
With a lot of self-derision (all from "Yaute"), they sing the clichés of the peasantry of the Savoyard mountains: booze, consanguinity, pingrerie... everything goes there! In delirious, offbeat, inventive stage settings, Christians deliver an "impertinent analysis" of our current world through the eyes of "perched" energetics, in every sense of the word.
No demagogy, no politics or judgment, just a pure moment of frank laughter and complicity with those Christians who, obviously, lack iodine... and that's good!
Extract "Their name will remain engraved in your hearts like shit on the wheels of a tractor."
Indoor show adaptable for events
4 artists on stage (accordion, bass, guitar, drums... and lots of accessories) + 2 technicians
Note: the song "Chez Nous" at the top of the list of titles most broadcast on Alternante (Nantes and St Nazaire) in October 2015


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