In its original formation, The Inglourious Fonkers is THE ROCK group, made for the stage with more originality to this trio, to be able to ring music DISCO/FUNK, without keyboard and with 3 voices.

Always willing to go up to the opportunities and meet the challenges, Andy, Liam and Gab decided to take the plunge : in the spirit of professionalism that drives them on stage and with such a festive and dance repertory, here they come down from their planks to open the doors and get out THE STREET !!!

The "NOT ON STAGE" TOUR is the perfect culmination of a band that goes to meet public, and this expression will never took much sense.

THE INGLOURIOUS FONKERS sing, play and dance in the street with the same energy on stage, while spontaneity and extravagance. Without net (no sound or backing band are used), the Fonkers invest the pavement with a hitting show both visually and musically.

Composition : vocals/bass, guitar/vocals and drums/choir

Show : All public and 100% live, composed in major part of medleys

Repertoire : Disco, funk, rock 60s to today : Funkadelic , Prince, Bootsy Collins, Stevie Wonder, the Jackson five, James Brown, Cool and the Gang, Earth Wind and Fire, Black Eyed Peas, LMFAO, Martin Solveig, Pharrell Williams...


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