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Birth of a luminous giant

Night has fallen on the heart of the city,
In the center of a carefully chosen space, the immaculate silhouette of a giant lotus flower stands out gracefully in the half-light. Its peaceful luminosity invites us to take our place in a circle around it. Who could say how such a mysterious plant could have germinated here? What form of Life is hidden in its heart? What does this immense chrysalis contain and where does it come from? Be patient!
At the 4 cardinal points appear the Celestial Passers-by. A soft melody envelops the space, leads to an ancestral ritual, an Ode to Life. Delicate deliverance of a Being so different that resembles us. Céleste unveils her luminous essence, experiments with gravity, goes in search of her "human alter", takes us by the arm, flushes the skin.
On the thread of her apparent vulnerability, CÉLESTE shares a piece of the road and seems to be already taking her own. Look, you will see, open your heart you will receive...
Formation : 2 puppeteers + 2 actors
Duration : 20mn fixed show followed by a 25mn stroll
Playing space : 10m x 10m
Technical details: please contact us

Production : Inko’Nito

Auteur, Metteur en scène : Nikola Martin

Conception, Design des marionnettes et du Lotus: Alexis Coudurier

Réalisation : AC DesignConcept et Nikola Martin



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