Dancers, jugglers, fire and pyrotechnics

This sonorized and nocturnal parade offers a contrast between the sweetness of the Promenades of Light and the intensity, velocity, energy of the flamboyant creatures: dancers, fire jugglers and pyrotechnics.
Les Promeneuses de Lumière: 1 or 2 dancers on stilts dressed in amazing light costumes inspire lightness, femininity and serenity. True priestess of flames and sparks, they open the passage of the procession to create the necessary space for the evolution of fire and pyrotechnics of creatures.
The Characters of Fire and Pyrotechnics: 4 dancers, on the ground, adorned with hundreds of white fireflies contrast with the grace of the Promenades de Lumière by their fast and dynamic movements. They perform choreographed dances, juggle with a multitude of fire objects (torches, fans, bollas) and manipulate hand devices.


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