Multifaceted Artist

Felix, beautiful juggler and performer!
With its latest generation LEDs, it makes you discover very innovative luminous visuals that also allow you to convey the messages you want! Your logo, your welcome!
Félix takes us into his unique universe, where magic meets the circus at the turn of particularly visual acts. On stage, the objects become alive: they multiply, multiply, light up, dance, fly away or disappear over the course of a show where Felix bewitches his audience and makes him participate!
Felix turns into a Samurai fire tamer!
In search of the sacred fire contained in the hearts of men, Vulcan has been travelling through medieval cities for centuries, armed with his unique and imposing flaming weapons, he performs original and captivating choreographies, combining the rigour of martial arts and mastery of pyrotechnic exercises... Will you help him continue his quest?

Autonomous and sound and light in small gauge


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com