Fire and Lighting Show

This ultra visual show is of a high technical and esthetic quality, guaranteeing a "waouh effect" on your audience.
The LED objects used of the latest technologies will magically display constellations of stars and rainbows in the air.
Fire manipulations and juggling such as fire ropes, bolas and sticks are punctuated by pyrotechnic effects that enhance them.
The fireworks on the juggling objects will draw clouds of glowing explosions, silver spray geysers and an incredible shower of crackling sparks.
Revael LOGO: juggling and manipulation of luminous objects ending with the appearance of a personalized logo, a face or a slogan
Performance on flat ground with 10m x 15m space for 1 performer (10m x 7m minimum).
Installation: 2 hours max
Sound system provided
From 1 to 4 artists
Personalization with Reveal of a Logo, Face, Slogan: seminars, weddings, birthdays...


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