A theater-musical show

It's the big day for Lutin'Cognito! He must pass his SEC: the Specialized Elves Certificate.
Passionate about music and songs since his childhood, he would like to become a "specialized musician" within the Lutinosphere. Bringing Christmas songs up to date, here is his goal!
But passing your BLS is not that easy! The apprentice-elf will have to be creative by IN-VEN-TING a song from scratch!
Under the benevolent and pedagogical eye of Wiki the teacher, will Cognito graduate?
Between potion with ideas, giant foil and other elves of all kinds, this comical duo will embark young and old in a fun Christmas magic!
Duration of the show: 40 min
Several performances possible per day.
Age range: 3 - 10 years old
Technique: acoustic show or with sound/light technique according to gauge


To access the downloads, please send us an email :