Mountain Clowns

Two clowns, well two girls clowns walk in your world to share life moments with you.

Their encounters with the public can be very intimate (piece of music offered lovers, song for the one who waits, magic tour presented to a child...) or take spectacular shapes (incredible downhill ski slopes in two - on the owns skis, playing music - music brass band, worn acrobatic, contortion and laughter).

Touching, disturbing and brilliant, these full of life two clowns give free rein to their emotions, always in improvisation, with you, for you, in the moment. Accessible and suitable for everyone.

In these meetings, girls clowns use their musical instruments : accordion, tuba, flute and concertina, their voices (varied repertoire : jazz, lyrical, French song, song of the world...), their magic tricks, stunts (worn and contortions) and above all, their delirious imagination.

Technical need : a room for changing and makeup !


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