Offbeat and hilarious humor

Between two gulps of vodka, they will take the time to introduce you to the traditional fir dance, the infernal Sputnik and other circassian specialties.

"Dear ladies, sir, small children, old people : hello !

Let us show you, we come from Equatorial Moldova. I present him to you, he's very much well-known in the region, his specialty is being iron fingers, soviet sickle, this is : Drago Popovitch.

I introduce myself to you, I'm known as the East gun, my specialty is being ball, I'm Piota Katchiev."

Moldavians mix juggling and acrobatics in a humorous fashionable home circus.

We present street show, which allows us to always go to the basics and privileging rhythm; unlike our indoor show version much less "force", that allows us to install our universe and our characters.

With : Patrick Yohalin, Emmanuel Gavoille, directed by Thomas Garcia.


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com