Absurd circus, juggling and music for all ages

"Gaëtan, we'd agreed to clean up!"

This is how it all starts and finishes, in this absurd, shadowy circus tale. It is the story of Antoine and Gaëtan. One is shy, hung-up and hypochondriac, while the other is charming, teasing, a bit silly and hyperactive.

Today they have a big project : cleaning up their workshop. This may look simple but when play and the absurd run your lives then everything is always complicated.

Cleaning up soon becomes a sideshow and every object calls for a game of “Anything you can do, I can do better." I can do better than you”!

 They play with objects with imagination, skill and magic. A stepladder becomes a lifting acrobat, an umbrella becomes a devil stick, they juggle watering cans, and a wheelbarrow turns into a drum kit!

Circus with music, music with circus, the only rule is to reappropriate these everyday-life objects.

Writing and direction : Les Petits détournements

Research and creation assistant : Lan Maurice N'Guyen

Outward look : Joan Lescop

Joking assistant : Martin Cerf

Musical composition : Les Petits Détournements

Scenography : Les Petits Détournements

Aesthetics assistant : Jessica Ros

Poster illustration : Caroline Bataille

Photos : Melody Fauvet, Benoit Gillardeau, Sébastien Hoareau, Alice Ribault

Graphic creation : L comme Unique


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