Sunset will plunge you in the atmosphere you want : music, lights, costumes, choreographies and scenery. Everything is arranged to suit your demands.

An acoustic, lounge or Broadway ambiance for aperitifs or to start the night softly...

French and international pop, Jazz, Dance, a wide repertory to make people dance all night long.

Themed show : 4 big parties, "Disco", "Broadway", "Paris" and "From 70's to 80's"

From 5 to 16 musicians, 4 singers, from 2 to 6 dancers, brass and/or strings sections. According to your budget and the option you choose, there will be from 9 to 22 people on stage and 3 to 6 technicians.

A dynamic show that will set the audience on fire !

A sound capacity for 200 to 50000 people in venues or outdoor, incredible set of lights, video and LED walls, for a visual and musical feast !


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