Mobile musical good mood

What a beautiful encounter but oh so dangerous for musicians, that of a banjo and an accordion!

The Frères Misters take up the challenge and embark you in an atypical road trip where I Jazz flirts with French and international variety... and when Gypsy Jazz intertwines with North American sounds the journey is immediate.

The repertoire has no borders: Brel, Paolo Conte, Louis Prima, Luiz Bonfà, the standards of Tsigane music... Tarantella and Hungarian Dance n°5 even meet some Rock standards.

Les Frères Misters is a duo composed of Serge Gros, accordion virtuoso and chorister, and Philippe Chapuis, better known as Chap's, a banjoist singer with communicative joy.

Together, these two phenomena invite you to a unique concert and a pure moment of conviviality.


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com