Soul, Gospel, Jazz...

ASSIA is one of its "multidisciplinary" artists, who excel in each universe they explore.
Charismatic singer in Enjoy Gospel (she is one of the "lead singers" accompanied by 50 choristers), she also proposes projects around Jazz and the French and International Variety that she interprets with an ease and an extraordinary voice timbre.
As a duo, trio, quartet or larger group, ASSIA stands out for its generosity, its passion for Jazz and Soul Music and its constant search for new artistic experiences. 
ASSIA does not only interpret the pieces: it appropriates them, personalizes them, adapts them and transforms them into "musical pearls".
This passionate artist likes to share with the artists, and of course with an audience quickly charmed by a sincere smile, which says a lot about her pleasure in singing.
Formations: duo (+ pianist/chorus), trio, quartet (+double bass or drums)... Many other possible formations depending on the repertoire and style of event.
Technical: sound independent 
Directories: Jazz, Soul, Gospel, International Varieties
Events, Prestige establishments, Concerts...


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