Live music entertainement

Thanks to a large repertory of international variety, GOLDEN GROOVE musicians know how to start smoothly with a lounge and groovy vibe, taking the best of the soul music, to continue and heat the vibe with an interpretation of the biggest hit of the Funk and the Disco, to transform the concert on a giant dance-floor. 

With the brilliant voice of Nathalie, the precision of Gael at the guitar, the hypnotic groove of Renaud at percussions and the perfect chords of Thierry at the saxophone, Golden Groove is the perfect group to make you dance until the end of the night !

Formation : 1 singer, 1 guitarist/singer, 1 percussionist and 1 saxophonist

Possible to add musicians (drum, choir,...) and also dancers.


To access the downloads, please send us an email :