A truculent menu, an inventive juggling!

"Housekeepers, housewives, it is well settled back to the fire and belly to the table that you must enjoy the adventures of Ragoguille, mitron du Roy.
With this large waiter, the sweet and sour finds its moment of glory, dishes and cups flutter, eggs intertwine and pans twirl.
Well-divided stories and well-chilled juggling to entertain you! »
With Ragoguille, discover the oranges of Sicily, the mystery of the salt apple, the secret of spilled cream, then participate in the cutting of wild celery and the preparation of almond brioches. High-flying interactivity!
The press is talking about it:
"Ragoguille, the King's mitron, shows his virtuosity in preparing a meal. Thierry Nadalini performs a stunning juggling act with eggs, oranges, apple, apple, knife, salt shaker, and gives a high-risk recipe for spilled cream! »
Le Dauphiné Libéré.
"Les rendez-vous de l'humour à Montélier-Drôme: Thierry Nadalini, an incredible actor-juggler who fascinated the audience in a show where culinary preparations are pretexts for surprising manipulations. The clever cook showed how to make all the kitchen utensils fly with art! »
Le Dauphiné Libéré.


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