A clown who flies away...

A show where prowess is intertwined with the stupidity of an endearing and clumsy character. A clown solo juggling acrobatically stupid!
A dungeon stool, to see a rocket from another time, laid there, without roots. Watchtower or mutant mushroom from a distant forest? Well no, none of that, this strange structure is actually a portable dovecote!
ZA is a manipulator, trainer and showman of flying doves. At least on his good days! Because it is not uncommon for him to be trapped by his imaginary enemies who do everything possible to divert him from his initial goal.
It's like this, it's like Za! Ah! ah! ah! ah!
The clown is a sensitive and spontaneous character. He has the repartee of a child who doesn't mince his words and will tell you you're ugly if that's what he thinks. The clown tells himself beyond his zany appearance, his heart is wide open, he moves, he surprises, he is constantly on the edge of the razor, because he is not entitled to lie unless he has the connivance of the public.
It's that clown we're talking about and getting talked about. Far from the cliché of his past in the traditional circus, it is aimed at the general public, children and adults alike will find emotions, laughter, questions but in different places, hence the interest that they see it together.


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