Burlesque and poetic portraits and diabolo

An intimate and burlesque circus show for all audiences.
Anouk Wroblewski and Hugo Varret present the new creation around acrobatic prowess and juggling: "T'emmêle pas".
Theatre, dance, clownish universe and shifted around the complicity between these 2 endearing characters and accomplices:
she, a little blond girl as maniacal as she is plague
he, a great bearded man with a passion but a wimp
The most incongruous situations will arise from their conflicts with life.
"T'emmêle pas" received the 2014 Audience Award at the Fest'Art de Libourne, the Audience Award at the Festival off at the Festival Mimos de Périgueux in 2015 and the Jury Award at the Festival Sortie de Bain de Granville in 2016
Show for all audiences for about 1 hour, indoors or on the street.
Sketches that can be declined in street strolls: entertainment, festivals....


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