World, Jazz, Pop... A subtile mix of genres

This atypical formation (percussionist singer, pianist and percussionist singer) lean towards the boundaries of jazz, pop music and coloured atmospheres of Brazil or Cuba.

A journey in a musical universe, hushed and lively at the same time, that develops into frenzied rhythms. Under the aegis of Delphine, impressively gifted and generous artist, the trio lets inspiration carry them to magical improvisations.

From the Doors to Prince, from the Beatles to Michael Jackson or from Ray Charles to Amy Winehouse, the repertory of Wango will suit all ages.

Formation : Trio or Quartet : percussionist singer, pianist singer and bassist singer percussionist.

Wango Trio can invite a second singer and a saxophonist : a formation that suits particularly well private prestige events.

Hotels **** : Val d'Isère, Megève, Courchevel, Lausanne, Genève... 


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