Tricolor batook

5 percussionists and 3 dancers, that's all it takes for this carnivalesque batucada to embark you with its festive energy and communicative Afro-Latin rhythms, on a musical and choreographic journey that won't leave you by the wayside. Cut out for the street, these 8 sharp and generous artists definitely have a lot of energy to spare.
With their fashionable Decouflé 1992 costumes, a blue-white-red “so Frenchy amerloques” version, the Exquis spread the scent of celebration and good humor wherever they go.
Formation: 5 percussionists and 3 dancers
Duration: 1h30 in 2 or 3 passages
Technique: autonomous show / at night the costumes are equipped with lights


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com