Dive into the pleasures of childhood !

Inspired by the French-Belgian comic strip, the adventures of "BULLE" are breathtaking. A dive into the strange for a diver in search of the rare pearl.
In the Aquarium City, it is the ball of jellyfish, whales, sharks and other octopus. Hip-hop dancing penguins try to subdue an octopus that plays the divas. The walrus sends messages to the laughing seagulls...but what does the captain do?!
The procession extends as the meetings go on. A siren informs the captain, we must stay on course. But where are they all going?
To the Grand Ball! Everyone's off to the Grand Ball: the nuptial dance of the jellyfish is about to begin. 
Duration: Variable
Technique: Autonomous 
Whether you're standing still or walking around.
Pyrotechnic option.


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