Giant and bright puppets

Céleste is a creation of the company INKO'NITO and ACDesignConcept
CELESTE, a giant and luminous puppet, slips over our heads, dances the air currents, illuminates our faces.
And when she bends over us, it is at the surface of our skin that she touches us.
Dreamlike and tender stroll like a caress of the soul.
An interactive night or daytime stroll for a slender, giant puppet (about 8 meters), inflatable and bright, manipulated by 3 puppeteers.
A pure moment of floating and dreaming, eyes wide open....
Duration: From a few minutes to 2 hours depending on the needs of the project in one or more interventions.
Assembly: minimum 3 hours before the show 
Technique: requires 20m3 of helium / height: 8 meters but can be lowered below 6 meters
... and THE MEETING with the twin of CÉLESTE for a monumental wolk in duet !



Auteur, Metteur en scène : Nikola Martin

Conception, Design des marionnettes : Alexis Coudurier
Réalisation : AC DesignConcept et Nikola Martin



To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com