The Bistro laughs in the street

Circassian and musical cabaret in parade.
In the kitchen, it's the gunshot. In the dining room, the tables are set. The battalion of waitresses and waiters is ready and waiting for the first customers. But the room remains empty.
Anyway, today the service will be... on the street and to music, please!
The Grand Restaurant diverts, in the manner of an ambulatory cabaret, the twirling ballet that is performed during the service. Any pretext is good to take passers-by to task: distribution of "finely crafted" dishes (multicoloured candy sauerkraut), table setting in the middle of the street (and improvisation of meals between complete strangers), juggling (with knives and chickens), dancing (tablecloths and napkins panic)... 
The scenes follow one another as you stroll around and end in apotheosis with a pyrotechnic performance, like Bengal fires on a birthday cake.
The little dishes are put in the big ones, Bon appétit!


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