A street scene for 3 big curious

There are three of them. With generous forms, these Pin Up XXL version will do anything to seduce you. One cheeky once enticing, they're looking for being the most beautiful.

These 3 ogresses live a same lightness, a constant party, always leaded by an amazing curiosity !

In a permanent ballet, anything can attract, amuse or annoy them.

Formation : trio

Winter version :

Be careful, they're coming... Their scooter put, these snow queens ; hurtle the steep slopes, by slaloming, or on their back. They encourage the beginners, disclose tip and trick at the ski lift, help the gentlemen getting up, they create a friendly climate during the waiting at the ski lift, they search for the most bronzed monitor and they love the battle of snowballs... And most of all, they'll do anything to mark the memories !


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