A whirlwind of feathers and percussion

When a band of Piafs (birds) meets a band of Piafos drummers,... 
It's like Boom Boom Boom!!!!! 
This is followed by a surge of SUPER PIAFS takes you into a whirlwind of feathers and percussion! 
The Super Piafs are 2 puppeteers (the Great Piafs), 5 musician-percussionists (the Piafos), and about twenty YOUR CHILDREN who will in turn become, in the space of a day, the Piafs of YOUR opposed!
Presentation of the rehearsals: 
- Rehearsals (2 x 1 hour with a 30-minute break). 
- Picnic for children supervised by the animators. 
- Make-up and preparation one hour before the performance. 
- Parry of 60 mns or 2 times 30 mns. 
- The schedule is agreed with the organizer. 
- Children should have black or dark-coloured pants. 
- picnic for lunch. 


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