Comedy, humour and songs

For many years now, the famous Elves have been travelling the roads of France, and have been spreading their good humour along the way (ski resorts, Christmas markets and celebrations, Carnival, Inaugurations...)
Since 1996, they have met more than 20,000 spectators! Moreover, a legend tells us that they would be in pictures all over the world....
But this year, the poor have lost their way and are no longer able to find their homes! They now have only one idea in mind, to go out and meet all those who might have clues.
They will embark on this race against time, and are obviously counting on the help of the public.
The Goblins, who have travelled the world, will not hesitate to share with the audience their hectic life and their repertoire of world songs, in exchange for some information that would help them in their quest!
Bickering, stories and laughter in a mess, when these five arrive in your city or on the slopes, they certainly sow a wind of madness and good humour...


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