Circus, burlesque and poetic walking animations

Mister Harold appears as an endearing, poetic and a little "naive" character... but beware, behind this unusual clown hides an outstanding juggler (7 bouncing balls), a seasoned acrobat (juggling on unicycle), a clever magician and a teasing agitator, always in the good mood and respect of everyone.
Constantly creative, he has an incredible quantity of accessories that he hides in his "sound checkered cart": bottles of champagne, musical instruments, balloons, melon hats...
A Quebecer from the "original" Cirque du Soleil, Mister Harold offers walking activities for the general public, alternating unusual acts with pure moments of poetry such as musical bells.
A true street artist who integrates the public into his acts and dedicates himself body and soul to his passion: the circus and the cabaret.
New show 2013.
Public sound walks: festivals, markets, events, Christmas villages, sporting events, carnivals... all seasons.
100% autonomous
Performances staged: consult the pages :
"To lose it."
"Cabarettero" (created 2012)
To note: many costumes and animations varied according to the themes: medieval, circus, gendarme, clown...


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