Ultra festive wandering

This psychedelic gang offers you a resolutely funky show, a hymn to derision and excess. It reveals some urban fables, the Latin Lover, the Cock Fighting or the Girls Gun Dance,
They are 11 thundering and provocative characters, Bad Boys & Girls as invasive as they are endearing. Served by an exuberant visual, they happily mix dance, percussion and theatre.
Seduction and humour are their weapons. The audience is carried away in surprising movements, surrounded, pushed, suddenly singing or moving irresistibly his body on the dancefloor.
Genre: Choreographic and percussive comedy.
Process: Walking, fixed or mixed 
(The fixed ones are from 3 to 45m and mark the walk)
Duration: 1h30
The show is available in 3 versions:
  • Nano Blok: 3 percussionists and 2 dancers
  • Baby Gang: 4 percussionists and 3 dancers
  • Gangst'A: 6 percussionists and 3 dancers



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