Aristocratic batucada

It's a fool's day!
The established order and the conditions of each are reversed: the poor take the place of the rich and the powerful become humble servants. This is how the 5 gardeners of the castle adorn themselves with the clothes of their master and become for a few hours: Les Marquis [do samba].
Because to celebrate this day when everything is turned upside down, they equip themselves with percussion and spread their love for Brazilian rhythms everywhere they go. They are sometimes accompanied by one or more dancers who magnify this moment with their grace and sensuality.
No matter what you want to celebrate, these noble ambiencers take you to the big leagues with sparkling dignity! And all together, in this joyful tropical atmosphere, we will hold the upper hand!

Création 2020

Forme : déambulation percussive et chorégraphiée

Durée : 1h30, fractionnable en plusieurs sets

Tout public


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com