Musico-Choreographic Show Walking Tour

These riders and ladies in their hats seem to have come out of a storybook. Like soft snowflakes, the Elegants are dressed in white. It is with grace that they reveal their talents as agile musicians and light dancers.
You will listen to their crystal-clear melodies in a harmonious whirlwind of voices, striking drums, movements and lights, the ballerinas twirling the charming details of their lace dress.
For the end of the year celebrations these gentlemen and ladies of beautiful company hum some Christmas songs from around the world.
Charming smiles, graceful gestures, delicate and powerful music weave around them a magical universe.
Training: from 7 to 15 artists
Technical: autonomous
Duration: 1h30 to be allocated


To access the downloads, please send us an email : info@afozic.com